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The Daily Note

One of the most impactful concepts I have applied to my own productivity is the daily note. It is simple enough to be a core part of my daily life, yet powerful enough to really be a driver in my work.

The daily note is exactly what it sounds like. You start your day by creating a new note and name it today’s date. Just plain and simple: 2023-12-05. This is your blank slate for the day.

Use your daily note to capture ideas, feelings, tasks — anything that your brain throws at you. Once you capture it, you can branch out and organize further. Perhaps you keep tasks in a separate app, or you schedule an event in your calendar and invite all the relevant people. Capture first, organize and take action later.

I have used Obsidian for a little over two years, and daily notes are core to my setup there. I love Obsidian. But this idea is tool-agnostic. I can not stress this enough. It does not matter which app you use. Use whatever is simple, reliable and comfortable.

Start each day with a blank slate. Write things down. Organize and clarify later.