The coming 6 months will be very exciting in many ways. I am a part of a mentorship program at Netight called Next9. It concists of 9 students from a few different universities, and 9 mentors.

The basic idea behind the program is to give each student the opportunity to connect with a consultant at Netlight. Together the mentor and the mentee agrees upon what the coming 6 months will be like in terms of goals and focus for the student. All the participants also meet up about once a month to work on things like creating an awesome resume, mastering interview situations and public speaking.

I am not that good at setting up goals for myself. Even though I love having goals to work for. Hopefully being a part of this program allows me to not only make the most out of the next 6-12 months, but also improving overall in a number of different ways.

Now it is up to me to decide on goals and what I would like to work on. Which is quite hard.

I do not really have a finished list of goals yet. I will probably post more about that in the coming weeks.