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My Inboxes

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I have a long list of various inboxes that I care about. Some are more important than others. I want to reserve my time and energy to what is actually important in life, and cut out as much as possible of everything else. All in the spirit of embracing intentionality. This list helps me be a bit more aware, which hopefully leads to more control and intentional behaviour.

Here is an unordered list of inboxes I care about right now:

  • Email
  • Messenger
  • iMessage
  • Obsidian: daily notes, new fleeting notes
  • LinkedIn messages
  • Instagram DM
  • X: the feed itself, bookmarked and liked tweets
  • Github notifications
  • Slack
  • Notes I take in Apple Notes
  • Todoist inbox and today’s schedule
  • Day One journal entries
  • Physical mail
  • Kivra (digitized mail)
  • Discord communities
  • Readwise Reader, both my library and the feed
  • Youtube: all channels I subscribe to, and all videos I capture in “Watch later”
  • Calendar invites
  • WhatsApp

I am not trying to cut everything out, I just want to fine-tune and minimise a bit. Awareness is the first step.

My ambition for these vary from ~realtime to ~monthly. What is interesting here though are the ones that are high on time spent, but low on importance. I want to dial those back a bit.