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I am joining Sana Labs!

I recently decided to join Sana Labs. I am incredibly excited to dive into product development, the education space in general and just focusing long-term on something I genuinly find interesting and challenging. Not only have I found a company that I really believe is onto something big. I have also decided to leave the freelancing setup in favor of an employment.

Back in 2018 I decided to quit my current job and start freelancing. Since then I have had the chance to work on some really interesting problems with great people. It has been great. I loved almost all of it, and I am for sure going to miss a few features of that life setup. Being your own boss comes with a lot of additional work, but to me the sense of freedom has definitely been worth it. And that is probably why joining Sana Labs as an employee feels like such a big thing. I am giving up parts of that flexibility, but I am also adding a few key things to my life.

Independence is something I have strived to achieve for a long time. Financial freedom and having complete control over my own time has been major goals for me. And they still are. But I have come to realise that the independence is fulfilling and desirable in a context where dependable structures still exist to some extent. Being independent as a freelancer also meant that those dependable structures vanished.

I caught up with my friend Ludvig a few weeks ago. He told me he recently joined this company called Sana Labs. He explained what they are trying to achieve, all the great people they have onboard this far, and why he is so excited to get going there. I have been lacking the passion and drive for a while. You can be a great consultant in most places without any deep care for the products you are building.

One thing led to another, and I met up with one of their engineering managers. From there I did a technical interview and met a few others from the organisation.

As per usual, I was not particularly happy with how the interviews went. I am not really sure why, but being to hard on yourself really has the opposite effect then what was intended. Instead of seeing the things I did right, I find myself pinpointing all the mistakes I did. I have a lot to work on here, but it is hard.

What is Sana Labs?

Sana Labs is working on personalising learning for individuals. It is such a vast problem space. I love the grand vision and ambition to improve the world by approaching how the world learns.

At Sana we are currently focusing on building an online learning platform powered by AI. It is continuously monitoring the learners progress to figure out strengths and weaknesses, skipping what you already know, making sure you master the topics and that you maintain knowledge over time.

Not only that, Sana is also helping anyone that’s teaching in building out courses. Is the question clear and concise instead of confusing and complex for learners? Teaching, and building courses, is not an easy task. All learners are perceive the material in their own way, and great teachers understand this. Sana will help teachers be more data-driven, adaptive and aware. It all comes together beautifully to improve how the world learns.

What I am transitioning into here is a role where I can think more long term. I will be able to care for the product and the vision. I will be able to enjoy the ups and downs with the people around me.

I am really looking forward to be able to depend on other people. And build a great product.