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Hyper Key

I use a hyper key to bind keyboard shortcuts on my MacBook. When I press CapsLock what my computer actually receives is . You can achieve this in a number of ways. I do it with Karabiner Elements. There is a lot of different variations and configurations for you to explore.

This new key opens up a blank space on my keyboard, so I am able to always bind an action to basically a single letter.

I found myself creating conflicting shortcuts sometimes. To avoid confusion, I try to stick to to global actions on the hyper key. When I bind something within an application, I tend to do it with {letter}.

Here is a list of a few hyper shortcuts I have found useful:

  • Space: Raycast
  • T: Launch Todoist “Quick add”
  • H: Align current window to the left half
  • J: Maximise the current window
  • O: Obsidian
  • 1: Spotify
  • 2: Arc