Courses coming up

I am focusing a lot on code during the first half of 2015. I am attending the following courses:

  • TNM048: Information Visualization
  • TDDD57: Physical Interaction and Game Development
  • TDDD27: Advanced Web Programming
  • TDDD04: Software Testing
  • A Demola project (what?)

I have really high hopes for each and everyone of these. I know for sure that most of them are based on projects, which fits me really nicely.

Information Visualization

All I know for now is that it starts out with D3.js and moves into data minig in some form. It sounds super interesting, and I am really looking forward to dig into all of that.

Physical Interaction and Game Development

I have no idea what this is all about. I have heard some people call it "that one about Kinnect". So I guess that is involved somehow. That alone got me interested.

I made a game this past fall which was super fun. Maybe not the gameplay itself, but coding it was awesome. Hopefully this will be even more fun.

Advanced Web Programming

All I know about this course is that it is quite open with just a few guidelines/rules. All students are supposed to build a complete web app. The front-end must be written as a single-page app. And the back-end should also use some widely adopted framework. It sounds fun.

I have some ideas on what to build for this one. I will probably start early and make it a project outside school aswell.

Software Testing

I have no idea what to expect from this one. The general topic is interesting and useful and I really hope we get to try out things in a practical way.


This is quite new here at LiU. Students get the chance to work in a cross-functional team with close connections to some company and doing actual work in a more realistic situation.

I haven\'t met my group yet, but I am sure it will work out just fine. The company though is called Arris. Our task is to try to figure out what role the TV might play in the coming years. Everyone has these huge display all over the house that aren\'t being used most of the time.